Artist Series Shear 6.25"


Discover a tool worthy of a master artist. Sharper, harder blades and a sculpted handle that fits perfectly in your hand. Every detail on our Artist Series 6.25” Shear is expertly crafted for ultimate comfort and precision control. Contoured blades slide seamlessly through all types of hair, and the shear responds to the slightest input from your hand. Powerful enough for deep point cutting and delicate enough for detail work, this versatile shear will quickly become your go-to tool. Bring your haircut designs to life with our Artist Series 6.25” Shear.
  • Sculpted Crane Handle: provides maximum comfort and control
  • Flat Line Tension System: with internal ball bearings to perfectly stabilize the blades and resist blade wear
  • Japanese Super Steel: a combination of cobalt, molybdenum alloy and carbon give these handcrafted convex blades the perfect hardness with a superior cutting edge
  • Forward Set Thumb Position: places hand into a natural and neutral position, reducing repetitive strain injuries
  • Fully Lined Polymer Pivots: wider polymer surface in the pivot areas extends the life of the shear by eliminating metal to metal contact
  • Packaging: comes in an elegant presentation box that includes a protective leather sleeve and a complete Sam Villa shear care kit to protect and maintain the condition of your shear for lifetime use.
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SKU: 10400
Size: 6.25"
Right or Left Handed: Right Handed
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

The Cutting Edge of Hair Design

Experience the ultimate expression of quality, ergonomics and value in our versatile 6.25” shear. The convex blades are handcrafted from a blend of cobalt, molybdenum alloy and carbon to create the perfect hardness with a superior cutting edge. Slice effortlessly through wet or dry hair and direct the blades with the slightest input from your hand. A true artist’s shear, this tool is ideal for creating gorgeous texture, bold blunt cuts, and almost any other style you design.

Superior Precision and Ergonomics

Designed for the discerning artist and hairdresser, the Artist Series 6.25” Shear gives you maximum comfort, responsiveness and flexibility. Experience all the ergonomic features of our Signature Series Shears, plus a highly sculpted handle and contoured blades for unmatched precision control. Work better today and stay healthy for years to come.