Pro Results Volume & Texturing Iron


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Create salon worthy styles with massive volume and lived-in texture from the comfort of your home with the Pro Results Volume & Texturizing Iron. It’s a must-have for all of today’s hottest hairstyles, from carefree texture to Insta-worthy braids and updos. Texturize your hair all over, or use the iron on underlying sections for hidden lift and volume! The flexible plates feature tiny rounded ridges that compress the hair for long-lasting body and texture.

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Product Details

Glamorous Volume and Texture

Get ready to rock your next night on the town— or your early-morning coffee run. Texturizing your hair gives you the eye-catching volume and lift you crave, and adds definition and grip for bigger braids and long-lasting updos. A mini-crimp pattern on the plates compresses the hair to create bold-yet-natural texture, perfect for today’s lived-in hairstyles. The ceramic-core plates with titanium surface coating distribute heat evenly for safe and consistent styling.

Comfort and Control

Experience easy, comfortable styling with an ergonomic handle that comfortably fits any hand size. The longer body allows you to precisely control the amount of compression (how tightly the plates close around your hair) without tiring your wrist or hand.

Heats Up Fast

Bye, waiting game! The quick heat-up switch is located at the back of the iron, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally turning your iron on or off. When you flip the switch, a built-in LED indicator light displays a different color for every heat level. The LED light blinks while the iron heats up and stays solid when the desired temperature is reached, so you know when it’s ready to start styling!

Perfect For Every Hair Type

Choose from three precise heat settings to suit your hair type and desired style. A special temperature setting just for color-treated hair helps to protect your color and prevent fading. Targeted temperature technology constantly adjusts to maintain the exact temperature you choose, without loss of heat or dangerous spikes.

Safety Protection

Protect your iron and your peace of mind with the built-in safety circuit. Your iron will automatically shut off after 60 minutes. To restart, simply reset to your desired temperature setting and the iron will reheat.

Style Your Way

Texturize your hair from any angle with ease. The extra-long cord rotates 360° to allow for freedom of movement with no twisting, wrapping or coiling.