Sam joins Chrystofer Benson’s CBC Collective on the Premiere Beauty Orlando’s
COLOR MAINSTAGE for a cut and color collab!

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Sam Villa, Global Artistic Ambassador Redken 5th Ave


Sam Villa ArTeam Member


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Discipline in Design – Precision Cutting


Ownership over the foundations of haircutting opens limitless creativity & flexibility in your hairdressing. By truly understanding the concepts of elevation, over direction, finger angle & body positioning you will see how to take the guess work out of adapting haircuts to the needs of your salon guests. Explore what it takes to create a precision cut & learn what common mistakes to avoid. Learn to design clean, balanced lines with the right body positioning that will produce a precise result.


  • See how to approach a precision cut utilizing the right tools, products & how-to section with exactness— as it is all in the setup.
  • Learn the limits & capabilities of different fabrics of hair so you can prescribe the proper precision cut based on different clients’ hair types.
  • Hear what common mistakes can completely disrupt your design work like under combing, over-sectioning, incorrect body positioning or lack of tension.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Lived-In Precision


Do you have clients whose hair shows every snip, step, & layer you cut? Learn the limits & capabilities of each fabric so you can master the art of choosing which technique to use & when. Explore non-traditional hybrid hair cutting methods that deliver lived-in results! Discover simplified techniques for lived-in lines & demystify graduation placement for a diffused look. We will explore what, why, & how behind texturizing to expand your skillset & build confidence to achieve the perfect textured, lived-in cut!


  • See how to read the shape of the head to find natural fall & guarantee precise haircuts every time.
  • Learn which hair types are best for internal layering & weight removal so you can expertly assess when to utilize these lived-in cutting techniques.
  • Hear how to remove weight for softer end results for simplistic styling.
  • Master internal layering to soften out any hard lines left in a long-layered haircut.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Variations on the Wolf Cut - The New Pixie


The Wolf Cut, or modern mullet, has gone from lurking around the trend circuit to becoming a full-fledged craze on the upswing. This haircut has no rules, ranging from aggressive & edgy, to soft & romantic – & anywhere in between! In this 60-minute program, we will explore how to break this shape into predictable, manageable pieces, & how to customize the cut to meet any salon request.


  • Learn how to plan, section, & execute the "Wolf Cut" using multiple sectioning approaches to emphasize different elements of the shape.
  • Hear tips on how to introduce & evolve this concept with your guests.
  • See fundamentals re-imagined through creative use of sectioning & tools.

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Dry-Cutting Clarity


How often do you cut wet to only go back & detail on dry hair? Learn how to quickly create seamless invisible layers with these money-making dry cutting techniques from Sam Villa. You will learn how to create a cut that is ideal for clients embracing their natural texture, & to encourage organic movement by following a visual pattern to enhance natural shape. Gain cutting clarity & master these innovative approaches to achieve instant results for a lived-in, customized cut. You will gain the know-how to remove length & density in all the right areas & discover time-saving techniques that are tailored to suit each client’s hair type individually.


  • See how to quickly identify the hair’s natural shape, density & wave pattern to prescribe the ideal dry cutting techniques.
  • Watch how to softly encourage movement in your clients’ hair by creating invisible layers.
  • Learn how to dry cut a Bardot-inspired fringe that is full of soft & moveable texture.
  • Hear Sam’s go-to finishing techniques for a lived-in modern look.

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Student Class – All About the “FUN”damentals


Have FUN while you learn effortless & low maintenance lived-in cuts & styles in this student-focused class. The team will showcase express finishing techniques that incorporate approachable braids, ponytails, knots & more!

They will also share how to design the alternative, multi-layered & lived-in 'wolf cut'.

Learn how to set yourself apart with these innovative styling & cutting techniques that will give you skillset a modern edge.


  • Understand the principles of styling foundations that will create consistency in your finishing work to set yourself apart.
  • Learn from Sam on how-to add simple elements to a ponytail, braid, or knot for longer-lasting styles.
  • See how Sam creates low-maintenance not-your-average upstyles that you can easily recreate.
  • Learn from Jesse what the difference is between elevation, finger angle & over direction when designing a creative cut.
  • Hear what hair types Jesse recommends the ‘wolf cut’ for depending on density & texture.
  • Watch how to incorporate a shear & blender to encourage movement through weight removal & layering.

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Cut & Dry: Clear Cut


Express is a word we are hearing everywhere. Learn how to make the most out of the time with your guest while giving our clients what they need. “Cut & dry” will teach you how to reinvent your bookings and yourself with 20-30-minute appointments for haircuts, style & finishing. Explore the essentials in product & technique to shorten your appointments & make more money behind the chair while creating the most sought-after styles of today!


  • Express Haircut enhancing techniques to transform the shape & style of any cut.
  • Layers, fringes & volume placement to expand your appointment book.
  • Cut your appointment time in half & make more money behind the chair.

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Label-Free Haircutting


In modern haircutting, gender-specific labels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Identity & style are fluid concepts. So, to meet the individual needs of our guests, our approach & methods must also be fluid & flexible! In this class, we will analyze a single sectioning plan that will allow us to create two very different haircuts that may be worn by anyone.


  • Learn sectioning ideas that are highly adaptable for use in multiple haircuts.
  • See how to communicate about a haircut by its components, instead of its gender labels.
  • Watch texturizing techniques for short hair.

12:20 PM - 1:05 PM

Chrystofer Benson & Sam Villa on Mainstage


Sam joins Chrystofer Benson! on Premiere Beauty Orlando’s MAINSTAGE


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Finishing Hacks & Avoiding Haircutting Fiascos


Join Sam Villa as he shares his cutting & texturizing secrets that will position you as the pro to handle any design work. You’ll also learn his top tips for speedy styling so you can nail your finish on the first try. Hear how to trouble shoot your styling techniques so you can maximize your time behind the chair if the canvas is not responding properly. Discover new & innovative approaches to help you stay on-trend, so you can easily change up your client’s style.


  • Hear Sam's haircutting hacks for wet-cutting & dry-cutting & learn when to select one tool over the other depending on the client's hair type.
  • See how to create invisible layers that give free-flowing movement every client desires.
  • Learn techniques for speedy styling for sleek & smooth finishing that gives a salon blowout in half the time.
  • Watch how you can quickly apprise your clients of how-to style their hair at home so you can position yourself as the pro.

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