The Show Must Go On

4+ Hours of FREE Education!

Watch any of our 4 in-depth hair cutting & styling classes from our 5th Show Must Go On with the Sam Villa ArTeam and special guests!

Sam Villa

Co-Founder of Sam Villa® and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken

THE SHOW MUST GO ON The Cutting Edge


  • Find out how to achieve maximum results with minimum effort to enhance today's natural movement
  • Discover reverse graduation to create today's texture
  • Learn that product is not an option but a necessity, yet today application is the key
  • Experience a new freedom with your cutting and finishing tools and how to use your hands as tools to produce an organic air dry finish
Lori Zabel

Redken Master Artist and Stylist at Dop Dop Salon NYC

THE SHOW MUST GO ON Imagination with Principles


  • Be creative by combining textures, lengths, and tools
  • Disconnection in the hair can be an outfit or an accessory, which will you make it?
  • Using principles of hair cutting creatively with a plan not just feeling
Chelsea Vonne James

International Educator



  • Haircutting principals — learn to create movement and customize weight distribution
  • How to control the hair for dry cutting both long and short hair
  • Business development, client retention and authentic styling techniques
Andrew Carruthers

Education Director, Sam Villa®

THE SHOW MUST GO ON 90's Brit Pop Revival


  • How to update a rock ‘n roll classic
  • Deep texturizing techniques
  • Layering products for control and definition