The Show Must Go On

5+ Hours of FREE Education!

Watch any of our five in-depth hair cutting & styling classes from our 6th Show Must Go On with the Sam Villa ArTeam and special guests Mustafa Avci and Jenny Strebe!

Mustafa Avci

Global Educator, Owner of Salon Lexington

THE SHOW MUST GO ON Classic Glam Styling


  • Knowing how to prep the hair for glam looks
  • Techniques to mold the hair into deep wave patterns
  • How to create a perfect, seamless finish
Sam Villa

Co-Founder of Sam Villa® and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken

THE SHOW MUST GO ON Quick Holiday Styling Tips


  • How to add visual value to hair for the holiday season
  • How to accessorize with hair as the accessory
  • Simple half-up and upstyles made quick and easy
Anna Peters

ArTeam, Sam Villa®

THE SHOW MUST GO ON Ready... Set...Celebrate!!!


  • Time saving styling techniques
  • Quick foundations to set your style up for success
  • Blueprints for two styles with added texture
Jenny Strebe

Founder/CEO AIIR Professional

THE SHOW MUST GO ON 2 Easy Holiday Updos


  • How to glam up your style for our classic clients
  • How to incorporate a braid in your holiday style
  • How to utilize different accessories to glam up your look
Andrew Carruthers

Education Director, Sam Villa®

THE SHOW MUST GO ON Short Hair Styling


  • Up, Down, Backward & Forward
  • Using irons to add interest and direction
  • Common challenges and solutions styling super short hair