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Are You Up-To-Date in Principle Based Design

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Graduation, scooping, swelling, graduated bob … do these words mean something to you? When all stylists in a salon have the same understanding of these words, they can create, recreate, and duplicate any style by any stylist. By revisiting the basics and brushing up on the often forgotten foundations of hair-cutting, you can actually provide better service to your salon’s clients. Think about this scenario and how you would respond: A salon client is booked on your schedule because she couldn't get in with her regular stylist. She sits down in your chair and says, "I was in a few weeks ago and I saw Jen. I loved what she did. Can you do the same thing?" Hopefully, Jen wrote down the information that she would have needed to recreate the haircut and style. Now, if she wrote it down using a common language, you would be able to understand her instructions and duplicate the haircut. With a common language, stylists can easily create, recreate, and duplicate haircuts and styles because the words have specific meanings.

For years, Redken platform artists and educators, Sam Villa and Chris Baran, have been inspiring stylists through their passion and skills. Sam and Chris both include Principle Based Design theories in their teachings and have expressed the importance of having a common language for our profession. It’s a way for stylists and other service providers to talk to one another and explain what they did and how they did it so that others can duplicate the look. At Redken Education On Demand, you’ll find a quick introduction about Principle Based Design theories by Chris Baran. In the free video, you will learn what principles are and their importance in the context of our profession. Once your salon is consistently using a common language, let your front desk know how they can use this during client interactions. For example, some clients are hesitant and nervous about seeing a different stylist. They are afraid that they won’t get the same haircut. Your front desk can confidently inform clients that the team is trained on a common hair-cutting language. After each service, they write down a description of or instructions for the haircut and style they created for each client. These instructions make it possible for any stylist to recreate or duplicate a client’s preferred haircut and style. Involve your front desk and give them the information, education, and training they need to help create success at your salon. Visit www.crystalfocus.com to check out our educational products that can help your front desk generate thousands of additional dollars in revenue with the guests and team you already have!

Jackie Bell

Jackey knows and understands that having a powerhouse of systems and efficiency behind your front desk can make a dramatic financial difference. With seven years experience as a salon support staff coordinator, using front desk systems in her current position with Shear Art Salon and Spa - a leading and tour salon for Summit Salon Business Center for four of those years - Jackey has found the passion to grow the staff within her salon, and has joined Crystal Focus to become a difference maker for our industry as a whole. If you want to learn more about principle-based design and the benefits of a mutual language or for help at your front desk, email jackey@crystalfocus.com.