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Belgium Hairdressers Invade The Redken Exchange!

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Wat een week! Quelle semaine! What a week! België neemt New York La Belgique prend à New York Belgium takes New York! What do 85 Redken hairdressers from Belgium do when they come to New York? They invade The Redken Exchange! And that is just what a beautiful select group of Redken stylists from Belgium did! Day one began as everyone settled into The Muse, a trendy boutique hotel in Midtown just blocks from Redken. That night everyone emerged upon Beauty Bar for a night of pure fun! This hipster hangout was a salon for forty years and was converted into a one if a kind beauty "saloon” where you can still get a manicure with a bonus free drink! Day two began at The Redken Exchange with intense education classes. The stylists were broken into two groups and rotated between Kris Sorbie and Chris Baran. Sorbie shared her ideas in how to build a “Stylist’s Brand” using very usable color techniques to create BESPOKE – tailor-made looks for every client. And Baran displayed his shear magic while giving the stylists techniques to incorporate into cuts they are already creating in the salon. The entire group attended a performance of the ever-popular Fuerza Bruta that evening. This audience interactive show is held in a theater that was once a bank! The stylists went wild as they were herded from space to space around the room and completely surprised at the end…let’s just say if you don’t want to get wet, you don’t stand in the middle of the room!

Sam kicked off day three with four models, three of which he demonstrated his tips and tricks on finishing that included,

Textur Knots

These Redken stylists from Belgium will never be the same! The education and entertainment they received from Redken was priceless and they all left with new inspiration to translate into new creativity. Kris, Chris and Sam gave them their all! For more information on Kris Sorbie’s BESPOKE program visit www.krissorbie.com For more information on Chris Baran’s cutting and finishing visit www.chrisbaraneducation.com To view techniques with Sam’s Textur Iron click here.