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Bobbing for Style

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

The streets of Paris are filled with bobs!!! Blunt, frayed, sleek, fringed, naturally curly, slicked, tucked and rumpled. Brush up on the international language of hair with BOBology, a complete guide to modern variations of the classic bob, and bring a little je ne sais quoi to your chair! bob-haircut-styles-from-paris-fashion-week-2013

Hot Tip: When cutting a one-length bob, it’s important to make a clean cut on the first run to reduce clean up work. Position the guiding blade with your ring finger and the cutting blade with your thumb, so the cutting blade collapses into the guiding blade for a sharp precise cut. Overhand cutters who position the cutting blade against the skin lifting up to the guiding blade are not only bending their wrists in an awkward position, it makes it impossible to cut a clean line, which translates to more clean up work and more time. Turn your hand over so the guiding blade is flat against the skin and you’ll get a clean sharp line. Want more Hot Tips for cutting a bob? Check out the videos below!



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