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Celebrate The Holiday's With Your Guest!

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

By: Jackey Bell Crystal Focus Salon Coaching

The Holidays are coming and going as we speak. These are the “busy” times; that one time of the year that you look forward. Your books seem fuller, guests seem happier; the overall salon environment tends to be “happier”. Utilize this unique time of the year to the best of your ability! Plan your days and execute them efficiently. Receive the most out of your time and efforts while still being able to enjoy the spirit of every holiday! Tis the Season to be giving: Give Back to Your Guest: We as service providers have expectations. During the holiday season we assume that guests will come in to get themselves ready for their events, by finally getting those additional highlights, and possibly even get a Redken Chemistry Treatment to insure that their color will not fade. Some stylists maybe even receive gifts! Take some time to thank your guests as well. Have your front desk team member pull your clientele report from the computer and whenever you have a break in your day, utilize that time to fill out a holiday card for your top ten guests. If you have time after that, send the next ten out, and so on, until you have all guests cards filled out.  They will love a holiday greeting, and thank you! Additional services specials! Now’s the time that guests are receiving those extra services! Do not be afraid to offer them. They want you to! Some great ideas for the season would be:

  • Holiday Party eyebrow shaping this month $5 off
  • ½ off your finishing techniques with hot tool work using Sam Villa professional tools
  • $5.00 off holiday highlights
  • Kris Sorbie recommends using the term “bespoke” meaning unique, tailor made techniques

Offer personal specials: This is the perfect time of the year to offer incentives for your guests to come back sooner than later. Customizing contents to fit your clientele needs will make the guest think that the odds are in their favor being the whole salon does not participate. A great idea would be something like this: “As a holiday gift to you, I am running a personal special, if you pre-book an appointment with me in January and February you will be entered in my drawing to win that service for free.” Have a small cup with entries at your station and a small sign advertising your contest.

For more information on holiday ideas email Jackey Bell at: Jackey@crystalfocus.com For more information about Front Desk Solutions from Crystal Focus, CLICK HERE.