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Excellent Razor Cutting Technique For Switching a Part On a Guest

David Boyd

Author David Boyd | Sam Villa Arteam

Allow us to thank you all for your questions and comments on our Facebook page. Your feedback allows us to tailor our educational videos based on the problems you are facing behind the chair. We want to encourage you to continue to post your questions to our Facebook page or email us with any requests that you have!

We receive a lot of messages about how to change a part. We have shown you before how to use a blow dryer and a comb to switch a part. Today, David Boyd from the Sam Villa ArTeam shows how you can use a razor to add direction and movement to shorter hairstyles, allowing you to influence the hair when changing a part.

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How do you decide which way to part shorter hair? We know that a part that follows the natural growth pattern is going to have a lot more control and will be easier for your guest to style at home. Whereas a part that goes against the grain will have more texture and movement. In the video below, David Boyd demonstrates a razor texturizing technique where you skim the surface of the hair to influence the shape of the hair. Think and do differently to create movement, texture and direction with your razor!

Watch the video above to learn how to switch a part using a razor cutting technique. If you have questions or comments about this technique, please leave them in the box below.

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