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Hems – Yeah!

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

For insight into “A day in the life of Chris Hemsworth,” read Details, but for those that want to actually live the life, Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa®, gives a How-To for this surf culture classic ‘do.

  • Prep wet hair with Redken for Men Get Groomed finishing cream as a cutting lotion and to provide soft smooth texture as it dries.
  • Create a triangle shaped parting by finding the highest point of the recession area on both sides and connecting to the high point of the head. This should resemble parting off Bevels 7 and 8 for those of you trained in Redken's Principle Based Design.
  • Clip this area out of the way as it will be left slightly detached from the rest of the hair cut and be the focal point of this take on a surf culture classic.
  • Part off the sides and back carefully, following the bottom edge of the round of the head.
  • Take a vertical section at center back, elevate to 90 degrees horizontal (all strands parallel with the floor), and use a very slight diagonal finger angle to create a bit of graduation moving from about 2 inches at the bottom to about 3 inches at the top of the section.
  • This look is highly textured, so a deep point cut will be your best bet for removing the length. The Sam Villa Signature Series 6.25" Shear is the perfect tool for this because the extra length on the blade allows for maximum texture and the forward set thumb position puts your hand in a very natural position for the technique.
  • Continue moving forward by taking a small guide from the center section as a traveling guide. Use the same elevation, finger angle, and guide for both sides. Be sure to NOT over direct with each section so the shape does not gain length towards the face. Use horizontal sections to cross check the balance front to back.
  • For the top, take a pie shaped section in the center back of the crown and again elevate to 90 degrees horizontal. Use the length from the section below as your guide and use a vertical finger angle.
  • Continue the pie shaped sections until you move out of the crown area and then allow the sections to become straight vertical. Again, do not over direct here to keep balance front to back.

Hot Tip: When cutting the top with this elevation and finger angle, there can be a lot of excess weight sitting at the top edge of your section because of how strongly the head rounds away from you. To alleviate this and minimize the need for a lot of texturizing, subtly round the cutting line and finger angle shorter at the top of the section - the weight will fall much softer without taking it completely away.

  • Unclip the triangle section at bevels 7 and 8. The section will be cut dry. Use the Sam Villa E-T.C Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer and hand dry the sides, back, and crown away from the face with minimal tension to allow for a lived in texture. The section that was clipped away should be stretch dried back and forth with your hands for a slightly smoother texture and fullness.
  • To blend the detached section into the rest of the shape, slice from the inside out for dramatic texture and to leave as much length as possible. If your guest had a lot of length to start with, precut the detached section to about 6 inches of length before slicing.
  • Detail the perimeter with the Sam Villa Signature Series Blending Shear for a very soft lived in texture.
  • Finish with Redken for Men polish up pomade for a high shine finish that moves easily from the beach to the bar.

chris hemsworth details magazine

Photo By Mark Seliger for Details Magazine

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