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How to control hair growth patterns

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

They're pesky, they can't be avoided and most people have them -- that's right, I'm talking about cowlicks, swirls and other erratic growth patterns. So, what is the best way to "train" the hair so that you can eliminate or redirect problematic growth areas?

In this video, Sam Villa demonstrates these hot tips:

  • What is the shortest you can cut the crown area without allowing the growth pattern to take over.
  • How to redirect a swirl in the fringe or nape area using a blow dryer and a comb.
  • How to alter the texture of a cowlick using your blending shear, then finishing with a 9-row brush and blow dryer.

If you have any questions or comments about ways to eliminate erratic growth patterns, leave them in the box below!