How To Control Thick Dense Hair When It’s Cut Into a Pixie

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The Challenge:  You have a guest sitting in your chair with a short haircut and a lot of weight and density throughout the hair.  You know that you’ll need to go in deep and texturize the hair to eliminate the excess weight, but the way that you’re going about it just doesn’t seem to release enough weight.

The Solution:  Let’s dig deep without fear!  The technique Andrew Carruthers is going to show us to achieve a pliable short haircut on a guest with extremely thick, dense hair is simply called, “Pre-Texturizing.” We need to knock down the excess density BEFORE we go in with visual texturizing techniques such as disconnection, point cutting and any other technique you are currently performing that is focusing on the ends of the hair.

Think about it…, when dealing with heavy bulk and weight, taking hair away from just the ends or the interior (disconnection) does not solve the challenge, especially with short hair. We may be a little hesitant to get in really close to the scalp, but not any more! You are about to experience a huge ‘ah-ha’ as Andrew takes us through this simple pre-texturizing technique!

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How To Pre-Texturize The Hair

Tips & Tricks:  You only need one cut at the scalp. If you are more aggressive and channel cut at the scalp you will create more volume instead of removing weight.

Tips & Tricks:  Do not go back over the same area too often or you will create a cluster of short hairs that will actually create more volume. Once you have completed removing enough weight and have the desire shape, then go back in to give more aggressive texture to the surface and ends. We are confident your outcome will be everything you hoped for and your guest will be thanking you for an amazing haircut. Their hair will have more movement, more pliability and will feel lighter than ever before! The real beauty in all of this is when you pre-texturize the hair, it remains hidden! No one will see it except for you when your guest comes in for the next haircut.

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Check out video and learn all about the fundamentals of texturizing hair – a necessity if you are new behind the chair!