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How To Cut Highly Textured Fringe/Bangs With a Razor

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    This is it - the last of the series of razor techniques and Sam finishes up with a dramatic fringe!

    Before we sum it all up let’s review the first three razor haircut techniques: Technique #1 – Texturizing The Sides and Back with a Razor & Straight Blade

    • Break the rules!
    • Dividing horizontal partings within rectangles sections
    • Opposite sections cut short to long/long to short
    • Short strokes to build weight
    • Controlled chaos!

    Technique #2 – Creating Scattered Graduation On Top with Razor & Straight Blade

    • Dividing vertical partings within rectangles sections
    • Opposite sections cut short to long/long to short
    • Medium strokes to achieve scattered graduation of texture
    • Stay stationary and move the chair

    Technique #3 – Pixie Undercut With a Razor and Notched Texture Blade

    • Under parietal ridge
    • Razor-over-comb
    • Soft graduation with pliable textured ends

    So now let’s get into technique #4 and Vandalize the Fringe! When Sam uses the word vandalize, he wants us to really get into this free handed – put down the comb!IFrame You are only going to use your index finger and thumb – pinching certain areas together for a chunkier effect as opposed to a piecy look. And for this technique you need to step back to really look at what you are achieving so you can go back and tweak the cut – easier for you to see it from afar.

    Sam will be cutting the fringe dry as we can see the results better as we cut. Remember, the more hair you pick up the chunkier the end result. Keep in mind that the customer’s personality will determine just how short you can take the fringe.

    Fringes awaken shapes – attack the fringe to really change up the cut! So now you have it! Four techniques that can be incorporated into the cuts you are already doing on your clients. Use techniques 1, 2 & 4 or techniques 3 & 4 for two complete new haircuts for your look book! Are you ready to pick up your razor and have at it?

    If you have questions or comments about this or any of the razor cutting techniques, leave them in the box below. Make your razor cutting easier behind the chair! Check out the Sam Villa Razor Trio - 3 razor handles each with different blade types to get you through your razor cuts in less time.

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