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Inspirations for Fall/Winter Trends by Geneva Cowen

Geneva Cowen

Author Geneva Cowen | Artistic Director for Sam Villa

Fall is always an exciting time for fashion and new trends in hairstyling. From the catwalk to the red carpet, we see new looks emerge on our beloved celebrities. NYC fashion week is also an amazing reference for trends to come. This inspiration allows the opportunity to determine what looks you’re interested in featuring in your salon and your style that will carry on into the next year. Deep side parts are making a comeback - this look can happen in minutes on dry hair to easily transform guests. Create a clean deep side part using a Sam Villa Signature Series Cutting Comb. Then, liberally mist the fringe, top and side sections with Redken iron shape 11. Use a Sam Villa Styling Brush and E-T.C. Professional Ionic Blow Dryer - start brushing hair in the direction you would like it to go, following with the nozzle of your dryer. Repeat the process until hair is 80% dry. The deep side part adds polish and sexiness to long free hair - great for any event.


Every season there will always be an “in” ponytail. It is a staple look that’s always on the runway, red carpet and filtering into our salon environment. Spring 2013 we saw low long straight ponytails - the evolution for fall is still low, but with more texture and movement. For a sophisticated finished look, take a small section from the underneath of a pony and wrap it around the base. Secure this section underneath through the elastic. You can also combine trends to create new looks - try a low pony with a deep side part for a beautiful look that is stable and will stay beautiful from day to night.


The bun is a “go to” look for women on the run. This season features deconstructed textures that are carefree and organic with attitude. When hair is properly prepared, different variations of this look can be created in literally minutes. I love utilizing the Sam Villa Textur® Iron - this is a must have tool that delivers texture, flexibility and three times the volume. Lightly spray hair with Redken iron shape 11 and compress from base to ends with the Textur® iron by lightly tapping the plates down the length of the hair. Completely brush hair to smooth and apply Redken powder grip 03 to the base and mid shaft for a beautiful matte texture. Then, gather all hair at the mid nape and gently start rolling the length until you have the desired shape and volume, and secure with medium hairpins.

Hot Tip: For light frothy texture, pick thru your finished look with a hairpin. This allows you to have control over the shape, yet gives it a textured lived-in feeling.

Anthony Bun hairstyle fall 2013


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