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Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

“Be a thinking hairdresser and finesse the shape of the hair along the way”, says Redken Artist, Carmody Homan as he begins his class with Sam, “Just Cut The Darn Thing”.  This new class at The Redken Exchange in New York City is all about technique, not the haircut. The only way to see different results is to change our habits. Sam and Carmody stress the importance of sectioning; “It’s like using a GPS system to get to your destination as quickly, cleanly and effortlessly as possible”. Take the time to finesse the hair:

  • Keep the hair nice and moist and your shears will glide better
  • Work clean so you can see where you are cutting
  • Use the mirror to confirm your shape

Think about how your techniques will work for your client:

  • Should I keep the length 1” longer or take it 1” shorter?
  • Should I keep the fringe long or open up the face?
  • Will my client be able to re-create the finished look easily?
  • How often will my client need to come back to maintain the new shape?

Finding new passions creates new desires and the grass will only get greener if you water it!  Be in control, trust the process, focus on what you are doing and your end results will flourish! For more information on classes at The Redken Exchange, visit www.redken.com or call 800-545-8157.