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Kris Sorbie: Creating The Illusion Of Volume With Color

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Kris Sorbie, Redken Education Artistic Director and President of Kris Sorbie, LLC is an award winning Master Hairdresser who brings innovative trends and fashion-forward artistry to the forefront of the salon industry. Kris is much sought after around the globe to equip salon stylists with the skills and know-how to reach their full potential and maximize their profit. Visit www.krissorbie.com for more details!

I just read Sam’s tip at BehindTheChair.com for cutting fine hair without compromising the volume … thank you Sam for the great advice. I’d like to add to the fine hair tip by referencing color and how we can use it to create the illusion of volume. By lightening the surface color of the hair we accentuate the area and it appears fuller. In fact, those of you who know me know that I have the finest hair in the world on the sides of my head. We’ve been using the Conical Technique featured on my ‘B-ING WHERE YOU WANT TO B’ DVD to color my hair to create this illusion of volume, and it works! I can’t tell you how often random people say to me “I love your highlights”… almost on a daily basis, which to me endorses the acceptance of roots and the dimensional effect they create; just look at Sarah Jessica Parker. This is just one of the techniques you will learn during my in-salon classes or through my newly launched $97, four hours, Hands-On program! Recognize the clients with fine hair and give them a new look with Sam’s ‘Bardot’ design and the Conical color technique, give them the illusion of volume with little commitment.