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Kris Sorbie: Education is Knowledge

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Kris Sorbie, Redken Education Artistic Director and President of Kris Sorbie, LLC is an award winning Master Hairdresser who brings innovative trends and fashion-forward artistry to the forefront of the salon industry. Kris is much sought after around the globe to equip salon stylists with the skills and know-how to reach their full potential and maximize their profit. Visit www.krissorbie.com for more details!

I totally agree with Sam when he says, "Knowledge is the key to unlocking your own remarkable imagination and your full potential as a hairdresser. Education is the path to that knowledge!" Last week I was at the Redken Exchange in NYC with a wonderful group of attendees. When graduation was over and everyone made their departures a lady said to me, "Being at The Exchange learning new methods, sharing ideas and making new friends has sparked my passion all over again. I thought it was gone forever! I'm so excited to get home to use what I learned and share these techniques with my team! We will definitely be watching your B'ING WHERE YOU WANT TO B' DVD for inspiration and knowledge! I now know exactly where I want to be and that's an inspiration to my clients and team!" We must never stop learning my friends. Aspire for greatness and you will unlock your full potential!