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Most comfortable and ergonomic professional hair cutting shears

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    Sam Villa worked with master craftsmen to develop professional shears with advanced ergonomic comfort and superior performance. Shears created by a stylist, for stylists.

    Very few days go by when Sam Villa does not have a pair of shears in hand, they are literally an extension of his body.  He trots the globe at all hours of the day and night creating shear magic, and has applied that experience in the creation of ergonomically advanced shears with the finest attributes for precision cutting.

    Ergonomic comfort meets precision cutting - Sam Villa Signature Series Shears are made with compression forged 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy for strength and durability. The pivot point features a polymer lining to eliminate metal on metal grinding for a smoother cut - a feature usually found only on the most expensive shears made.  The handcrafted convex blades are sharper and hold their edge longer than beveled edges, and an advanced leaf tension system is incorporated for added precision, control and maximum durability.

    "It's not enough to have a superior tool, it also has to be comfortable to use.  It's not about another pair of shears, it's about your hands" states Villa.  "If a stylist drops their arm at their side in a neutral position, shakes it, brings it up naturally and holds a pair of my shears, they can feel the ergonomic design. Their elbow will be level, their hands and fingers will be in a neutral position with the shear blades horizontal, and minimal thumb movement is needed to open and close the shear.  If the same stylist were also holding opposing grip shears, they would be set a different angle with the blades pointing more upward, and more input would be needed from the elbow, shoulder and thumb to level out and open and close those shears which causes more strain on those body parts".

    Sam Villa Signature Series Shears are designed to keep the elbow in a downward position to help reduce repetitive strain injuries, versus opposing grip shears that force the elbow in a raised, stressed position.

    Another feature is the multiple thumb position - it can rest on the tang or tuck into the thumb loop. There are also double tangs for the pinkie finger -  when tucked between the tangs, it will stabilize the top part of the hand enabling concentration of thumb action.

    Adjusting tension is also a cinch - just turn the pivot point screw one click at a time to loosen or tighten.

    Wet Cutting Versus Dry Cutting Shears 

    With all Sam Villa shears, you can cut on wet or dry hair. However, we have developed shears that perform best when choosing to cut on damp hair or dry hair.

    Wet hair is supple and shears don't need to be sharpened as often when used on wet hair.  We developed dry cutting shears to save stylists money on sharpening.  They have a longer wider blade and are designed to cut through larger sections of dry hair with less effort. Because of the sword blade design, longer and larger blade and the weighing of the blades, these will retain their edge longer, especially when cutting dry hair, than wet cutting shears.

    Blending or Thinning Shears

    The Reversible Blending Shear is designed with dual finger rests to allow stylists to quickly change cutting positions to extract weight and control texture by weaving.

    It's ideal for scissor-over-comb cutting, and when flipped it works for slide cutting. It features a radial tooth pattern that eliminates bluntness and an open blade design and integrated "V-Teeth" for consistent cutting.

    Left Handed Shears

    One of the coolest features of the 5.75" and 6.25" Wet Cutting Shears is the ability to transform them for Lefties!

    Lefties who were taught to cut with right handed shears out of necessity can simply take the screw out of the pivot point, along with tension plate, turn shears over, screw back together and voila, a pair of leftie shears!

    What if you have always used a true left handed shear? We have you covered! Every Sam Villa shear is manufactured in true right handed and left handed models.

    Swivel Shears

    When palm to palm cutting, the angle of the handle works like other Sam Villa Signature Series Shears allowing the elbow to stay down when cutting horizontally.  It really makes a difference when cutting length at the bottom of the hairline and when layering on top.  With a traditional handle, the elbow would have to be rotated by lifting the shoulder in order to turn the blades in the right direction to cut.

    With the Swivel Shear, the same cutting position can be achieved by simply pushing the handle over with fingers.

    If you're considering a switch to a swivel shear or already own swivel shears but would like to learn how to use them better, watch the video below to learn the 5 essential cutting positions when using a swivel shear.

    For more information about Sam Villa Signature Series Shears, click here.

    Click here to learn how to palm shears with a crane handle design.

    Reduce the stress in your hand, wrist and shoulder and let the Sam Villa Shears work for your body! Shop for a new pair of ergonomic shears today!

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