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Pitt Stop

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    Looks like Brad Pitt chopped his shoulder length blonde locks for a hip retro-Americana look. Check out this video and discover how to get the look with Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear and a comb.

    Simply use the wide teeth of a short cutting comb and work vertically against the grain of the hair in about 1 inch sections. Hold the shears with the solid blade on the bottom, over the comb, and slowly move the comb around the shape of the head while opening and closing the shears quickly. Repeat on that same section until the hair is the length you desire The length on the top of this cut is longer and disconnected, making it easy to switch up the style. Try letting the top fall to the side and work Redken for Men dishevel fiber cream throughout for a casual lived-in look or subtly slick it up and over to one side like Mr. Pitt.

    For a cool pomp, apply Redken for Men grip tight holding gel directly to the root area and blow dry hair back using the E-T.C. Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer exclusively for Sam Villa to stretch the root area to create volume. Then, apply half a pump of Redken rough paste 12 working material evenly throughout the top and dust Redken powder grip 03 mattifying hair powder through the root area to create a strong matte finish base to support the height of the pomp.

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