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Point Cutting Tips For All Hair Types

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

We received a question on our Facebook page from Mariana Lopez who asked, "Can you give us some point cutting tips for very coarse, straight hair, and also for curly hair so it doesn't look so frizzy?"

Excellent quesiton and first, we invite you to check out our DVD, Curlicious. This DVD is loaded with information on how to cut and style curly hair!

Point Cutting Coarse Straight Hair (broomstick-like)

When hair is coarse and straight you need to make it more pliable. When hair has more weight on the ends, you lose pliability and you must take the weight out. 

  • When you want to remove weight, point cut with your shear parallel to the hair
  • If you come in with your shears at an angle you will notch the hair creating texture but not removing weight
  • To fan the hair, simply take a section between your index and middle finger with your palm facing toward the head; slide your hand out toward the ends of the hair - leaving a few inches of hair - then just make a fist and like magic...the hair will fan out
  • When you're point cutting, keep your shear stationary and parallel to the hair and move the fan (or the hair) to remove the weight.
  • Tip: You could slice into this hair type but be aware of the condition on the hair. When you slide the hair you're creating more damage to the cuticle and it could cause the ends to expand and look frizzy.

Point Cutting Curly Hair

You should never point cut curly hair! Why? Remember this about curly hair, "the ends need friends." If you point cut nautrally curly hair will take the weight away, the hair will expand more and it's going to get frizzy. 

  • Instead of point cutting, take your section and elevate away from the head.
  • Pick up your blunt shear and weave into the hair like you would when you're highlighting hair
  • Now simply close your shear where you want to take the weight away - don't worry about the fact that you're cutting length, it will be disguised by the curls when it springs back to the head and this method will remove unwanted bulk in curly hair

Give these point cutting and weight removal tips a try, we know you'll love them. Be sure to check out our Sam Villa 7" Dry Cutting Shears - excellent for all point cutting and dry cutting techniques!

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the box below.