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Poufed Out Texture

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

The outrageous volume this season allows us to experiment with new and fun ways of creating BIG hair. Reem Acre featured poufed-out hair created by Didier Malige with hair pins and a flat iron. You can use a flat iron for a sleeker finish, or try the Sam Villa Textur® Texturizing Iron for added interest and texture that really inflates. See this technique and more on Artificial Texture – a 2 set DVD of Sam Villa thermal tool tricks.

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  • Spray a small section (sections determine the size of the pattern) with Redken iron silk 11 and comb through to protect and hold.
  • Open a large hairpin – the more flexible the better.
  • Hold the pin with the index finger and thumb and place it on top of the section, keeping the thumb and index finger close to the hairpin.
  • Wrap hair around in a figure 8 pattern – over, under, through and around – to the ends and then twist the hairpin once to close.
  • Compress each pin set with the Sam Villa Textur® iron.
  • Let cool, untwist the pin, straighten the legs, and holding the pin from the top, slip the hair off the ends of the pin.
  • Rake fingers through hair to break up and expand.
  • Finish with Redken Control addict 28.

pin-set-1 pin-set-2 pin-set-3 pin-set-4 pin-set-5 pin-set-6 pin-set-7

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