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Raising Value in Your Client’s Mind … It’s Time to Brag A Little or A Lot!

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

By: Jackey Bell Crystal Focus Salon Coaching

If you attended Redken Symposium 2011 or another show, now is the time to tell your clients all about what you learned. They want to hear about the classes you attended and the brand new products on the market. When you’re excited, your clients are excited. Fill them in on the tools and techniques you gained, whether they were tangible or educational. For example, let them know that you finally were able to purchase a brand new pair of Sam Villa shears. Read my, “Shear Happiness,” post on crystalfocus.com for my personal account on raising value in my client’s mind and how it led to a service appointment that was “not on the books” for the day.

Educate the client about how a single pair of “scissors,” as they would call them, mean so much in the industry and how your equipment improves the quality of the service you provide. Let them know the importance of the crane handle which is designed for ergonomic comfort and precision control. This insures a more accurate cut.  Don’t be afraid to let the client know what you pay for your shears; they are a professional investment and they add value to your client’s service. Guess what? You just raised your level of expertise and value in the eyes of the client by talking knowledgeably about your professional equipment. By edging up your professionalism, you build credibility, increase perceived value, and earn the right to charge your service price. Chances are, if they were not scheduled for a haircut, they will be asking you if you are available. You are providing your client with not only the best technical skills, but also top-of-the-line equipment as well. It’s important that they know what they are getting for the price they are paying. Your clients want to hear that they are being pampered and serviced by the best. Are they getting more for their money? I think so! For more information on Sam Villa shears or any other professional product, visit www.samvilla.com. Or, if you need to learn more about your Sam Villa shears, then watch this video. If you are afraid of “bragging” or if you have “retail phobia,” then you might want to check out, Success Insights for Stylists and Conquering Retailphobia. Please make sure you are on our E-Mail List for upcoming Specials, Promotions, Hot tips, and MORE! Go to:  www.crystalfocus.com to sign up to be part of our Crystal Focus Community.

For more information regarding how to “brag” a little more to the clients in your chair, contact me, Jackey Bell, at Jackey@crystalfocus.com.