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Sam Villa Premieres at Premiere Orlando: What a Reception!

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

I hope that some of you were able to attend the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show because it was a great show and I'd like to thank everyone who showed up at the Sam Villa booth. This was our first real show; we introduced our combs, brushes, hair scissors and accessories, and we had the BOBology DVD for sale as well. Everyone was lovin' it! We had 15 to 20 deep watching us demonstrate. I was blown away by the way that looked from the platform. We all had the best time even though I do feel bad that our crowd literally knocked over the booth next to us!

It's cool that Premiere draws attendance from all over the country as well internationally. And the show floor is so clean, so well laid out. At most shows, I'm on a big stage, kind of removed from the group watching me. But at Premiere, we were all together. People could touch me. Many did!

That sort of intimacy brought back memories of growing up in this industry working in the "pit" at beauty shows. People were walking by, and they'll watch you for a few minutes but it's difficult to hold their attention. They want to move on. In my early days I had to figure out how to keep them there long enough to catch the value of what I was trying to give them. With that experience behind me, I'm pretty good at it now and can coach our other educators, too.

Industry friends - people from Redken and others - reported back to me that we had the biggest crowds for any booth at the show and that the whole place was into the buzz about our new tools. I've been in the industry long enough to know how amazing that is. Seeing this incredible welcome to the industry for the Sam Villa line is so personally fulfilling and humbling for me because it comes from the people I admire most in the world - hairdressers.

We're taking it slowly, making sure we get it right. I get a lot of emails commenting about how beautiful our product packaging is, so I know it was worth taking time with that. We tried to present the same beauty in our show as in our packaging. Our models were as pretty as our booth! I'm lucky to have Redken's support and access to any Redken models who aren't booked the day I need them.

Hair education isn't just about technical skill. When I teach, I also focus on the ties between communication, health and wealth. Communication with the client builds wealth in our industry. We have to get the consultation to make a big comeback because of today's economy. In the old days, we sold a look. But now women "buy people" more than they buy things. So if you want clients to "buy you," you'll have to learn to sell yourself through effective communication.

Health comes into play, because the hairdresser cannot work with a sore body. That's why as I demonstrate a cut, I'm always talking about the proper way to position our bodies and hold our tools as we cut hair. For example, we designed our scissors with a forward-set thumb rather than an offset thumb because that forces a healthier hand position. We have boar-bristle brushes that really grab the hair and allow you to stretch-dry hair without hurting your shoulders.

I love giving sylists ideas for earning a better living and living a better life. That's why I never get tired of being an educator. I like to show you how to use tools and methods that will give you maximum results with minimum effort. When you're able to do a cut in just 20 minutes, you can spend the rest of the appointment providing clients with an experience. You can give them a great scalp massage at the shampoo bowl or take a minute to offer them a cup of coffee. People come into the salon from whatever they were just doing, and it's our job to calm them down. When you master that, you'll see your earnings increase!

My communication these days is with the sylists, and the Premier Show made me realize how rewarding that is for me. There will never be another show like Premiere, since it was the first for the Sam Villa line. But if you missed it, I promise there will be more opportunities to see the excitement I'm talking about. Can't wait!