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Shear Maintenance: How To Oil And Care For Your Shears

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Shears are an investment for stylists, one of the most used and expensive tools in the bag, so prolonging optimal performance is a priority.  Sam Villa uses his shears almost everyday – here’s how he keeps them in tiptop shape. Shears: Clean and Oil Everyday

  1. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove styling aid residue – minding the edges of the blade to avoid injury.
  2. Hold shears with tips pointing down with the blades open about at a 45º, put a couple drops of shear oil at the pivot point, open and close shears and let sit over night.
  3. In the morning, hold the shears in a downward position and open and close open and close the shears.  The oil from the night before will flush out the hair that gets built up in the pivot point of the blades.
  4. Wipe blades clean with a soft cloth.

When the blades of scissors are covered with hair, styling residue, moisture and chemicals, corrosion can occur.  Regular cleaning will help keep the blades stay sharp longer.

Watch the video above for a demonstration on how to clean your Sam Villa Signature Series Shears.

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