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Shiny Happy People

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Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra


Jenny McCarthy is in love with her new man...and her hair. She’s been lifting it to the max for years and that requires some serious maintenance that only someone in love would be willing to do.

Here’s the scoop - high heat explodes bonds in hair color molecules, so when it’s applied to colored treated hair, the bonds break and color is compromised. Use medium heat on color treated hair so color molecules stay put. The cuticle is the only visible part of hair, so its condition directly relates to how hair looks and feels. When the cuticle is open, frizz, split ends and dullness occur. Flat ironing closes the cuticle resulting in maximum light reflection that intensifies color and shine. Jenny knows!! ...maybe she uses the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr® flat iron with Targeted Temperature Technology that ensures consistent temperatures for specific hair types. Temperatures are represented by LEDS so you always know your working temperature. LOW (Green) 375°F for fine hair, COLOR TREATED (Amber) 392°F and HIGH (Red) 410°F for resistant and virgin hair types. And, the curls and waves? The Sleekr® can do that too!

Try the Ribbon Curl technique it creates a relaxed curl with soft expansion.

  1. Take a medium size section 1” in length and ½” in width and prep with Redken iron silk 07 ultra straightening spray
  2. Hold section in left hand
  3. Hold Sleekr in right hand with the iron vertical and palm facing head
  4. Pinch section at base, as you pinch, fold hand so palm faces you (still holding the section with left hand)
  5. Slowly slide iron down to the end of the hair shaft ad release hair – it will spring into a ribbon curl.
  6. Finish with Redken control addict 28 high control hairspray

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