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Sizzling Scripts for One Hot Summer!

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

By: Jackey Bell Crystal Focus Salon Coaching

Have you ever heard someone say, “Be prepared, summer is coming!” Get ready to sit around and do nothing!” Well, not anymore! The hot summer months are the best time to offer additional services and retail products on purpose to bump up your sales and earn some extra cash. Here are some great examples…

  1. For Beach and Pool Lovers of All Ages. Anyone, children and adults alike, who are spending time in the sun and water this summer, need to know how to protect their hair. Jot down this script: “Hey Anna, Ava says that lately she has been in the pool. That’s great! Let me take a second to explain my recommendations for hair care during the summer. I’m an avid swimmer myself and I started using Redken Color Extend Sun. It cleanses and removes minerals, chlorine and salt deposits while adding back moisture and restoring sun-damaged hair
  2. For a Little X-tra Summer Glow. Did you know that hair grows faster in the summer months? If you notice that your client’s highlights are starting to grow out a bit, then recommend a quick touch up. Jot down this script: “I noticed your highlights have grown out a little bit. Let’s go ahead and touch up your highlights and put a few more around your face for a little extra summer glow. That way, they won’t be too grown out by the next time I see you. Plus, we have an early summer highlight special running right now. You’ll save about 25% on your highlights today
  3. For UV Protection. Educate your client on the benefits of using a product with UV protectants inside. Jot down this script. “Did you know that burning your scalp can eventually lead to hair loss? If you are spending a lot of time in the sun, then Redken Color Extend Total Recharge provides UVA and UVB protection. It acts like a sunhat and protects your hair and scalp from the damaging sun rays. It’s something your whole family can use during the summer months. Just spray some on at the start of the day.”

If you have a client that is showing signs of balding, then introduce them to the Redken Intra Force product line that they can use at home. Remember to explain the selected products and how to use them. Use the products throughout the visit and help the front desk close the sale by pulling your recommended products. Have them ready and at the front desk when you escort your client to check out. Reinforce your recommendations and how they will benefit the client and their new look. Your front desk team is imperative in helping you reach your sales goals. Just so you know, The Anatomy of a Great Front Desk, our latest educational product, contains two episodes on the Principles of Profit which teaches tactics on how to move from “selling” to “creating the ultimate customer service experience.” Want more?

 Learn more about offering additional services to boost summer sales by e-mailing Jackey@crystalfocus.com.