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Tangled Up In The Blues [HOW-TO]

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Remember sitting at the kitchen table being doused with detangling spray while your mother violently dragged a brush through your hair from roots to ends? OUCH! Sure products are imperative for a smooth glide, but so is brush positioning.

Brushing Out Tangles

Hold a brush horizontally in your hand – you’ll notice that all the tiny rows of bristles are engaged tightening that little snarl into a big, fat, tight knot…and then the brush usually stops dead.

Detangling Hair

Now, hold the brush vertically at a 45° angle up, see how fewer rows of bristles come in contact with the hair? Now point the brush 45° down, even fewer rows engage the hair, maybe 2-3. Work with a Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush or Styling Brush at a vertical angle from the bottom of the tangle up and there will be no more tears – from your clients or your walk down memory lane. Watch this video to learn more about the Sam Villa Signature Series Bamboo Brushes and the recommended uses for each of the six brushes.