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"The Convertible" Joins the Aspire Tour™

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Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

A lot of you have mastered the bob shape by watching my DVD, "BOBology," and are asking me, "Sam, what's next?" I'm excited to tell you! As I continued along on the Aspire Tour, traveling throughout the country to educate stylists in their own salons, I shot a follow-up DVD called "The Convertible" that will help you take your guests to the next step. They still love their bobs, right? At the same time they're looking for something fresh, and many of them are starting to want to grow their hair longer again. But they're hesitating, not quite ready to give up the bob because they've received so many compliments. What they really want is the versatility of keeping their bob while also growing out their hair. The Convertible DVDHaving this conversation with my own guests is what inspired me to create The Convertible, a versatile, mid-length look that uses a great pattern and comes out of an existing bob. As the name implies, it's a style that can be converted to another style, giving guests the best of both worlds - longer hair, but a bob look when they want it. You give them a medium-length cut and show them how to put their hair in a ponytail, and then out pops a bob! And the best thing about it is that you're providing direction in how they can grow out their current bob. The other thing I think you'll love about this cut is that it makes great use of disconnection, which is the strongest element of design today. You want frothy volume, looseness and versatility, but if you keep doing things the same way you've been doing them you won't get all of that. Think of a shag. That 1960s layering is coming back, but we're updating it by cutting shags inside the hair cut, using disconnected sections and maybe doing something new with the tops. Still, I know that some of you cringe when you hear the term "disconnection," because you were taught to blend. But by using texturizing cutting techniques you can disconnect while making it look blended. Disconnection is the superior method because it gives a sense of looseness and movement; it's versatile and changeable, and it offers the client options. With disconnection, you cut a classic blunt line while removing weight in the right places to design something that's modern and fresh. While I'm not doing as much texturizing as I used to, I am still relying on deep-point cutting, which I believe is set to become the next classic technique. Deep-point cutting offers a way to make hair light and airy without ripping up the hair shaft.

The sectioning on The Convertible is different from the sectioning I showed you in "BOBology." It's a new pattern, and as a stylist I think you should try to get your hands on every pattern you can. You can do the cut in 20 minutes, but the sectioning takes time because of the disconnection.
I really love the way we've been shooting these DVDs as part of the Aspire Tour. Instead of being alone in a studio, I'm right next to the stylists in their own salon, and I get to see their immediate reaction to the hair cuts. You can't beat that!

The Convertible Hands On

I very much enjoyed the team at Vincent Salon in Ft. Myers, Florida, where we shot the "Convertible" video. The stylists were able and really willing to learn what I had to teach them. It's a team that likes to keep up with the trends, plus the salon is hooked up to a big gym facility, so the whole building is about health. That was kind of cool. So much of what I teach is about the art of communication, and the in-salon format makes that a lot easier. I can help stylists to make the cut marketable to guests. Watching the team's response when this all clicks with them has been incredible for me! When you view this DVD, it's just like having you come to the workshop. I hope you take out a mannequin head and work along with us. You can pause the video, go at your own speed and return to it whenever you're ready. You'll learn from the mistakes the other stylists make and hear my answers to their questions. What if the client keeps moving her head? What if the hair is very fine? What if it's curly? You may be wondering some of those same things -- the "what ifs" -- as you watch.

Sometimes people ask me why I use a mannequin instead of a model. My goal is to educate you, not to show you how beautiful a model can look with this cut. I'm going to give you every piece of information to support this hair cut and teach you how to communicate this hair cut. I'll tell you the fringe story, the texture story, the consultation story. All of these hair cuts come with stories. We have another one, a shorter cut, coming out next.
That's the difference between these DVDs from the Aspire Tour and visual education we've created in the past. This is real, it's fun and you leave after having had a good time as well as a huge learning experience.