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The Spirit of Redken with Sam Villa in Taiwan

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Sam just got back from an incredible Redken event in Taiwan where he trained a small team of Redken Artists. Lynna Choi, Regional Education Manager for Redken - Matrix - Pureology tells us about the experience.

"We are pleased to share the many WINS we had during Sam Villa's visit to Taiwan this past week.  The key motivation for the April 5th show was for Taiwan clients to witness and experience Redken as the business partner to be.  Taiwan may have a small team of 5 people, nevertheless 400 attendees including current users, ex-Redken and conquest accounts all witnessed the Spirit of Redken.  On stage Sam not only showcased adaptable designs with EDU-tainment but it was the sharing of his passion to the brand that touched many hearts.  Ones that did not know much of Redken commented…”I now know and can feel it in my heart when people say The Spirit of Redken”.   Our sales team confidently shared, “We may be a small brand but I can speak loud and proud of our brand”.   Our WINS continues as Sam coached and mentored our Asia Zone Redken Artists and Education Managers in Leadership Skills training.  Sam took every opportunity throughout the week taking individuals under his guidance while preparing each RA for their Finale segment. The show significantly brought greater confidence and a new outlook to Redken clients and team.  We thank you Sam for all your hard work, paving a smoother road ahead. The team continues the momentum with campaigns and activities celebrating Redken 50 Anniversary."

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