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Thinking Outside In Instead Of Inside Out

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    Let's think about this as it relates to retailing in the salon.


    Some of us know the real value and benefits of retailing and some are still stuck in the world of being an "artist instead of a salesman".

    The rest of us get lucky when the client actually asks you what they should use at home! Honestly? The reason you are successful, or not, is up to your clients!

    Think about that for a moment and begin to see through your customers eyes. During the styling of your cut and/or color service concentrate on teaching your client how to recreate the look you just gave them, all by themselves at home, and the product will automatically follow!

    Teach how-to apply product

    Teaching your client about product application will help them understand why they need the product(s) you are using.

    When it comes to teaching, don't hold back!  Set yourself apart from other hairdressers with your value-added tips.  Show your clients how much product to use, where to apply it and how to hold the brush and the dryer, curling or flat iron to complete the look.

    After all, they are free walking billboards for you - out on the streets showing off their illustrious cut and color that you created! Teach them and watch your following  grow... and your bank account too!

    BONUS EDUCATION: Think different when in comes to your haircuts too!

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