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Three Ways to Update Looks for Fall

Andrew Carruthers

Author Andrew Carruthers | Education Director for Sam Villa


Fall is a time we find ourselves surrounded by inspiration. Trees are shifting from their vivid summer green into reds, oranges and yellow. Our tables are filled with pumpkins, squashes and apples that readily provide us with fresh color inspiration. Even a night spent staring into the flames of a fireplace can spark artistic vision. Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa® offers three ways to update looks for fall with color input from Geneva Cowen.

1.  The most apparent place we translate this vision is into our guest's color formulation. This doesn't always mean a complete overhaul, in fact, one of our favorite ways to shift guests into a new time of year is glazing with demi-permanent colors such as Redken Shades EQ. That ombré you worked hard on all summer long to look as if it had just stepped off the plane from Barbados can easily be shifted into a fall color palette with a quick glaze of Redken Shades EQ equal parts 05C Chili and 08WG Golden Apricot for a beautiful level 7 copper. Even our super blondes that get a full head of foils every six weeks can enjoy a little autumn edge by glazing with Redken Shades EQ 09G Blush and O9AA Papaya. This formula is a staple for hair that needs balance and warmth.

2.  Many guests grow out fringe for summer because they don't want to commit to the blow drying time or they don't like hair on their forehead during warm days at the pool. As schedules relax into the fall and the temperature drops, this is the perfect time to reintroduce a sexy full fringe. Leave more weight to fit with the times – we have spent many years texturizing fringe into a soft wispy frame and now it’s time to keep it solid.


3. Don’t forget the guys they love change too! This year, the sharp trend of classic barbering had many of our male guests trying out skin fades and going shorter than ever before. Now is the time to transition back to longer hair for the cooler weather. For an easy grow out, use the Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear (link/video) to keep the bulk out of the sides and soften the heavy corner that appears when growing out a strong fade. Use Redken for Men dishevel fiber cream for the necessary hold to maintain the shape without weighing hair down. Once hair is long enough, they can also slick it back with Redken for Men grip tight holding gel for an alternate look.


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