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To NAHA or Not?

Andrew Carruthers

Author Andrew Carruthers | Education Director for Sam Villa

Enter NAHA or not? That is the question. Should you enter NAHA because it’'s NAHA or because you have an artistic expression that you're just itching to get out?

What led me to enter last year is the same thing that led me to skip this year. Last year I had a vision for a men’s shoot that I was incredibly passionate about... I could see the images almost perfectly in my mind and I would have done the shoot regardless of entering NAHA. They created the men'’s category last year and it felt like a sign that it was my year to return to NAHA (it had been 8 years since my last entry I believe). The reason I didn'’t enter this year was that I would have created something just to enter... not because I had an artistic itch that needed to be scratched. I will enter again in the future, but only when I have something that ignites the same passion I had for the 2013 shoot. What do you think? What’s your priority, entering NAHA or bringing an idea to life? - Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa Scroll down to view Andrew Carruthers 2013 NAHA "Men's Hairstyling" Finalist photos.


2013 NAHA Finalist "Men's Hairstyling"
Hair: Andrew Carruthers
Photography: Andrew Carruthers / Jake Thompson



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