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Total Design And Color Immersion

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

im•mer•sion (noun) ih-mur-zhun Definition: State of being deeply engaged or involved: absorption Immerse yourself! Dive in head first! Be focused!

Total Design And Color Immersion - Danger In The Comfort Zone

This intense 4-day workshop at The Redken Exchange dares you to go beyond the norm to achieve diverse results with the latest design and color trends from around the world! Sam Villa, Chris Baran, Kris Sorbie, George Garcia and Carmody Homan push your limits with new inspiration to take back to the salon.

Total Design And Color Immersion - Mannequin Heads

Kris Sorbie and George Garcia rocked the color segments with tips and tricks to set your color apps above the rest. These two color geniuses take you way out of the box and make it easy for you to update your clients with a fresh approach.

Total Design And Color Immersion - Unique Color Techniques

Sam, Chris Baran and Carmody Homan asked the class to leave their habits at the door! Keep an open mind-set and your outcomes will change. Compression was the word of the week…larger sections will result in soft edges when the hair is released. Blow drying your sections as you go to tweak your designs along the way—instead of going through the entire haircut all over again saves valuable time.

Total Design And Color Immersion - Sectioning