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New York Cupcakes

New York Cupcakes


Sam Villa/Geneva Cowen - Hair
Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa - Art Direction
Shalem Mathew - Photography
Paula J. Dahlberg - Makeup
Michelle Boucher - Stylist

Inspiration: Soft, ethereal, geometric shapes topped with fluffy diffused texture and embellishments, inspired by the angles and soft texture of cupcakes.

Style: Wigs and extensions were used to build asymmetrical shapes trimmed with soft edges.   A Cloud Set technique was used to create the downy volume.

  • Spray a small section of hair from a distance with Redken Spray Starch 15 Heat Memory Styler and comb through.
  • Take a 1 inch square section from the scalp, tie string at the base and weave the section in, over, under, through and around (like a figure 8), and tie at the end.
  • Compress section with the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Iron, let cool, cut string at both ends and pull out.
  • Brush section with a Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush to reveal a cloudy diffused texture and finish with Redken forceful 23 super strength finishing spray

Color: Hair was colored a soft pastel foundation with Redken Color Fusion and stamped with an assortment of colors throughout the mid shaft with sponges.  The sponges were cut into circles, squares and triangles to depict the soft angular lines and shapes of cupcake frosting and trimmings. The stamped color adds dimension to the texture without interfering with the curl pattern.

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | CO-FOUNDER SAM VILLA©