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The Fringe Factor

The Fringe Factor

Photo Credits:

Photography: Shalem Mathew
Design: Geneva Cowen
Color: Mary Urban
Stylist: Mary Urban
Makeup: Maria Camacho

Short Fringe How To:

  • Evaluate the hairline and look for hair growth patterns and cowlicks.  If your guest has a strong cowlick, this fringe is not the best choice for them.
  • It is essential to set the fringe area up properly with a blow dry.  Use a Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer and Signature Series Styling Brush and with the nozzle and brush, direct the hair from one side to the other (and “X” pattern).  Continue going back and forth until the hair is dry and falls naturally.
  • Section the fringe utilizing natural fall to create a triangle section.  Ensure your section does not fall into the side area, and place your finger at the outer corner of your guest’s eye pointing up and use that as a reference.
  • Place your comb in horizontally as a reference and cut a straight line beginning at the center to the outer area, repeating on the opposite side.

When styling fringe, blow dry the fringe area first - water breaks the hair’s structural bonds, so when fringe begins to dry, the bonds start to reform to their natural growth direction.  By drying fringe immediately, the bonds reform to the shape we want them and it saves time.  Use the fine teeth of a comb instead of a brush when drying fringe with an erratic growth pattern – it gets closer to the scalp and provides more tension and control to redirect natural texture.


Zone One Redken Color Fusion 4RR 10 Volume
Zone Two Redken Color Fusion 6RR 20 Volume
Block Color: Redken 1/2 oz Orange High Fusion and 1/2 oz 7C 30 volume
Fringe Detail: Redken Fusion 4RR 10 Volume

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | CO-FOUNDER SAM VILLA©