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Collection: Sam Villa Studio Sessions
Educator: Sam Villa
Run Time: 75 minutes

This season we're talking about Simplexity and adding value behind the chair! Are you interested?

It’s all about value, my friends - how to make a difference, how to change up the language to communicate more effectively and take back the chair! With Simplexity, things from the outside can look complicated, but in fact, can be profoundly simple!

For example, this is really a 10-minute haircut – the sectioning may seem complex – but it sets you up perfectly for the simplicity of the cut! And while we’re at it, let’s focus on getting the client involved with what we are doing, get them excited about our dialog with them – explaining the what and the why so they are comfortable with how we are cutting their hair – enabling them to truly understand we are there to make the end result easy for them with double identity. That’s value, my friends!

Are you ready to get into a 10-minute haircut that adds value? Are you willing to engage your clients with simple words like ‘tilting back’ and ‘detachment’? – How cool will it be for your client to discover the end result doesn’t have to look the same every day?

The following is just a taste of what you will experience in the next hour:

• Catch on quick how sharpened communication builds wealth!
• Transform the way you think and speak
• Recognize the absolute importance of sectioning
• Discover the logical and clever use of sectioning lines as cutting guides – a huge ‘ah ha’!
• Pick up on the truth about the relationship between comb color and hair color
• Catch on to compressing sections for soft edges that require minimal texturizing
• Cut with enthusiasm – it’s contagious!
• Unearth your own creativity by making this cut your OWN!
• Become style obsessed for the ultimate end result!

Get a pen or pencil and some head shapes – let’s do this!

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