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The Quad

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Collection: Sam Villa Studio Sessions
Educators: Sam Villa
Run Time: 49 minutes

Rectangle – A four cornered shape with two sides longer than the other two sides.

How does a rectangle come into play with hair?

Sam shows us how a simple rectangle section in the crown area will result in ideal movement for a short undercut! Take these four identities into consideration when cutting short hair – down, forward, back & up…

• Discover how to make the hair move back away from the face
• Master the critical characteristics of lines in short hair – horizontal, diagonal and vertical
• Master elevation, over direction finger angle
• Understand the importance in reading natural growth patterns movement
• How to easily create a guideline from one side of the head to the other
• Why ‘Blow-As-You-Go’ keeps you on control
• Comprehend the limits and capabilities of your tools
• Set your client up for success by adding value to their appointment

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