Shear Sleeve - Leather Blade Guard


Your shears are a major investment in your career. Keep them safe and clean in this sleek, soft leather blade guard. The tapered design and press button closure ensure a secure fit. Slide your shears into the case when you’re finished using them to extend the life of your tools and keep your hands safe from cuts. Protect what matters most with our Leather Blade Guard.


The Sam Villa Leather Blade Guard with a press button closure provides protection and safe storage your shears. The tapered design for the blade ensures a secure fit.

  • Soft black leather
  • Fits the Sam Villa Artist Series Shears, Signature Series Shears (excluding our swivel shears) and Essential Series Shears and most major shear brands
  • Press button closure
  • Protects the shear blades from damage while not in use
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SKU: 14001
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Easy, Safe Shear Storage

Extend the life of your shears by covering the blades when not in use. The blade guard’s tapered design ensures that most shears fit securely inside. (The Sam Villa Artist Series Shears, non-swivel Signature Series Shears, Essential Series Shears and most major shear brands fit in this blade guard). Keep the case safely closed with the press button closure. Protect your shear blades and keep your hands safe from cuts and injuries.

Travels With You

Transport your shears safely to school, the salon, on-site work and more. The soft black leather case protects your tools from dirt, nicks, scratches and other damage.