Signature Series Razor


Experience the cutting edge of hair design. Create sharper lines, bolder texture, and softer edges. With a razor that works as an extension of your hand, you can cut with unparalleled flexibility and precision control. Glide smoothly through hair with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. Choose the perfect blade for every technique, from blending to layering to straight razor cutting. Keep your wrist straight throughout the haircut and use your fingers to rotate the swivel in any direction. Create courageously with our Signature Series Razor.

  • The Sam Villa Razor can be used by both right handed and left handed stylists.
  • Ergonomic finger design keeps your hand in a natural position - reducing strain
  • 360-degree swivel design allows you to achieve any cutting angle without turning or bending your wrist
  • Ribbed grip area for comfort and control
  • Durable all-metal body is perfectly balanced
  • Includes: 1 Razor handle, 4 Straight-edge blades, 3 Blending "9-gap" blades and 3 Texture "6-gap" blades
  • Blades come with easy to use slide on/off dispenser
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SKU: 20100
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Sharper, Cleaner Lines

Bring your most daring hair designs to life. Teflon-coated stainless steel blades slide smoothly through hair without catching or dragging. The durable all-metal handle is perfectly balanced, so you can remove the right amount of hair every time. Undercut, bevel, texturize, blend, and slice with confidence.

Find the Perfect Blade

With three different blade types at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to master any razor cutting technique. Use the straight-edge blades for classic razor cutting, the 9-gap blades for blending and the 6-gap blades for texturizing (all included). Each blade features a plastic molded jacket that acts as a safety guard and allows you to change out blades easily.

Freedom of Movement

Experience extraordinary comfort and flexibility. The 360-degree swivel design of the Signature Series Razors lets you place the blade right where you want it without turning or bending your wrist. A ribbed grip area gives you added comfort and precision control. Keep your hand in a natural position and reduce strain with the ergonomic finger design.