Swivel Shears

Why using the right shear is key to your performance

Offering your clients the ultimate experience goes beyond the results in their hairstyles. It implies every aspect: from the moment they make an appointment, to the tools you use in the process.

You’re probably wondering, “Why would my clients care about the tools I use to give them a haircut?” for example.

And truth is they probably don’t, but they do notice the time you take, the effort you make and how smooth or complicated the whole process seems to you. This is why having the right tools is essential, not only to provide you with better results, but to also make your job easier, comfortable and more enjoyable for you.

When it comes to swivel shears, you can never have too many! However, you do need to know how and when to use each one.

Swivel shears for greater comfort

Let’s take a look at some of the “must have shears” that are essential for your work:

Using the right tools properly can make a huge difference in how you feel after a long day at work. While using shears you’re standing, angling and rotating all day, which can cause physical pain and exhaustion that can even lead to a burnout.

Keep in mind that taking care of yourself is also taking care of your clients. They will definitely notice if you’re struggling or in pain while styling their hair and it can definitely affect the experience.

When choosing a swivel shear, you need to find a tool that works with your body and helps you keep a comfortable position when you are cutting hair.

Swivel Thumb Shear

One of the best things about the Signature Series Swivel Shear is that it comes in multiple lengths and is available for right-handed and left-handed stylists.

Which length shear is best for you? We recommend using the 5.5" swivel shear when you’re working through a high precision technique.

Switch to the 6” swivel shear when cutting one-length shapes, long layers and other techniques where having a longer blade is useful.

What are the advantages of using a swivel thumb shear?

  • The rotating crane allows you to keep your elbow down no matter the cutting position you’re using
  • Offers extra flexibility, control and comfort.
  • The convex blades are handcrafted to ensure they hold their edge longer than other blades.
  • They combine ergonomics with precision by giving you more control of the movements.
  • The setup for your thumb allows you to keep your hand in a natural and neutral position to avoid injuries.
Eliminate pain while hair cutting

If you suffer from carpal tunnel or other similar strain conditions, these shears are perfect for you. They were designed to transform the way you work: you can keep your body in a natural position and instead of rotating your shoulder when cutting layers, for example.

They help you protect your wrist, neck, thumb tendon, shoulder and back

Signature Series Swivel Dry Cutting Shear

Dry cutting can become a challenge when you don’t have the right shear. Even though dry cutting allows you to work with the natural features and flow of the hair, every mistake is more noticeable and harder to fix.

But, you don’t need to worry, the Signature Series Swivel Dry Cutting Shear was specially designed to get this job done in an effective and comfortable way. The powerful blades allow you to cut large sections of hair with minimal effort. The ergonomics, sharp edge, and precision of its blade is perfect for applying condensed cutting techniques while protecting your wrist and elbow.

Key features of the swivel dry cutting shear

  • The blade is designed with balanced weight to facilitate deep point cutting, condensed cutting and layering techniques.
  • You can keep your elbow down in every cutting position thanks to its rotating crane.
  • Thanks to its forward thumb setup, your hand works in a position that is natural and neutral, reducing strain injuries.
  • The leaf spring tension system extends the edge’s life.
  • They offer higher flexibility, comfort and control of your movements.
Longer blades for layers

These swivel shears have a longer blade that are perfect for helping you create interesting and bold layers. If you love deep point cutting and using texturizing techniques, this is the perfect tool for you.