Deluxe Blow Dryer Kit
Deluxe Blow Dryer Kit

Deluxe Blow Dryer Kit

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Our Deluxe Blow Dryer Kit includes our best-selling Pro Light Ionic Blow Dryer, along with our top selling blow-drying accessories at a great value! This kit was designed to optimize your blow-drying experience. Our Deep Bowl Diffuser is a perfect drying companion for all of your textured looks. Our Dry Sectioning Clips (4-pack) and Hair Grips (3-pack) are great for sectioning without leaving marks in the hair. The 2 Nozzles ensure optimal airflow for any look. 
Every element in the Sam Villa® Deluxe Blow Dryer Kit was specifically chosen to make your blow drying experience easy and effortless!

A $321 value!


Pro Light Ionic Dryer: The iconic Sam Villa® Pro Light Ionic Dryer, featuring advanced ionic technology for efficient and quick drying. Its lightweight design ensures comfort during extended styling sessions.

Deep Bowl Diffuser: The thoughtfully designed diffuser provides even airflow, enhancing the results of your styling techniques.

2 Nozzles: Tailor your styling approach with precision, using the two included nozzles—one for maximum airflow and another for focused heat.

Dry Sectioning Clips (4-Pack): Streamline your styling process with these clips, allowing efficient hair partitioning for precise styling.

Hair Grips (3-Pack): Add an inspirational touch to your craft with these stylish hair grips, bringing both functionality and creativity to your styling.

Seamless and High-Performance Experience: Every element in the Sam Villa® Deluxe Kit is meticulously chosen to transform each styling session into a seamless and high-performance experience.

Elevate Your Salon: The kit is curated to elevate your salon to new heights, reflecting the exceptional power and quality synonymous with the Sam Villa® brand.

Unleash Creativity and Craftsmanship: The Sam Villa® Deluxe Kit empowers you to unleash the full potential of your creativity and craftsmanship, offering a comprehensive set of tools for professional in-salon styling.