Deep Bowl Diffuser


Discover the key to shiny, frizz-free blowouts in curly hair. This finger diffuser features a deep bowl design for maximum airflow and dispersed heat. It gently dries waves and curls, adds volume and shine, and preserves the hair’s natural curl pattern. Your guests will love their shiny, defined and bouncy curls. You’ll love how the diffuser easily snaps onto the nozzle of your Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer for a tight and secure fit. Create beautiful curly finishes with our Deep Bowl Diffuser attachment.

  • Compatible with the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Hair Dryer (Limited Edition dryers as well) and the Sam Villa Artist Series Blow Dryer
  • Deep bowl design for maximum airflow and heat concentration
  • Ideal for curly hair when you want to decrease static and frizz while imparting maximum shine
  • Gently dries curls and waves
  • Securely slides on and off the hair dryer for a tight fit
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SKU: 50005DIF
Color: Black
Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Shiny, Frizz-Free Curls

Say goodbye to static, puffiness and frizz! This finger diffuser is essential for drying wavy and curly hair. The deep bowl design disperses heat to gently dry curls without roughing up the cuticle or losing the hair’s natural shape. It’s infused with tourmaline for a shiny, healthy finish. The result? Smooth, defined curls with lots of beautiful volume!

Tight and Secure Fit

The lightweight Deep Bowl Diffuser is custom-designed to fit your Sam Villa® Blow Dryers. It securely snaps onto the nozzle and stays in place throughout a blowout without slipping, sliding or falling off.