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Create with courage and confidence. Keep it fresh, keep it on-trend, keep learning and growing. Whether you’re a student or a salon veteran, never stop reaching for more. But before you try new techniques on your guests, practice them on Lydia — a professional mannequin head with hair - custom designed for cutting, finishing and color work.

This is your chance to take risks, make mistakes and perfect your skills behind the chair. Each mannequin is hand-made by highly skilled artisans who take as much pride in their work as you do. Lydia’s top-quality, ethically sourced human hair gives you the most realistic cutting and styling experience. The extra length is ideal for braiding, up-styling and finishing, or for creating several different haircuts. Grow your craft and your career with the Lydia Professional Mannequin Head with Hair.

Solid 14" Length
  • Ideal for braiding, up-styling and finishing
  • As a cutting mannequin, the extra length enables you to recut multiple designs on a single head
High Density and Natural Hair Placement
  • Simulates human head and growth patterns
  • Creates a realistic cutting and finishing experience
Human Hair with Rich Dimensional Color
  • Allows the texture and movement of haircuts to come alive in the finish
  • Showcases the details in braids, knots, ironwork and up-styles
  • Multi-tonal results even when applying a single process color
Top Quality and Ethical Standards
  • Select premium grade Indian hair that is traceable to origin – cut for uniformity from shaft to end
  • Hair strands are hand applied by highly skilled, experienced artisans
  • SA8000® certification provides assurance of fair wages, practices and safe workplace environment
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Handle Design: Classic Series


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Product Details

Create Fearlessly

Whether you’re a student or a seasoned pro, it’s so important to keep learning new skills and growing your craft. Practice fresh techniques on Lydia and prepare to wow your guests! The premium grade human hair is cut for perfect uniformity from shaft to end. Rich dimensional color gives you multi-tonal results, even with a single process color.

Best of all, the SA8000® certification guarantees that this product was made following the highest standards for workplace safety and fair wages. Learn and create confidently with a top-quality, ethically sourced mannequin head.

Realistic Cutting and Finishing

Cutting and finishing Lydia’s hair feels almost exactly like working on a real guest. Every strand of hair is hand-applied by highly skilled artisans to simulate human hair growth patterns. The high density and natural hair placement allow the texture and movement of haircuts to come alive in the finish.

Extra Length for Multiple Haircuts

Lydia’s hair is 14” long, perfect for braids, knots and up-styles. The extra length also lets you create multiple haircuts on a single head.