Streamline Series Shear


Finally, a lightweight shear that feels like an extension of your hand. Instead of adjusting your hand to fit your shear, experience a shear that is expertly tailored to your hand. Contoured blades and a highly sculpted handle give you incredible precision control, while the lightweight design makes this shear comfortable to hold all day long. Transform the way you work with our Streamline Series Shear.

  • Slim Design: Reduced size and weight throughout the shear provides all day comfort and a tailored fit even in smaller hands.
  • Highly Sculpted Finger/Thumb Holes: Allow for a wide variety of cutting positions without wrist strain.
  • Crane Handle: Designed for ergonomic comfort and precision control. Keeps elbow in a downward position versus an opposing grip shear that forces the elbow into a raised, stressful position.
  • Forward Set Thumb: Puts the hand in a natural, neutral position for reduced repetitive use injuries to the thumb, hands, and wrist.
  • Handcrafted Convex Blades: Starts out sharper and holds an edge longer versus typical machine-beveled blades.
  • 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy: Compression-forged for strength and durability.
  • Flat-Line Tension System: Click stop adjuster for precise tension and sealed ball bearings for even tension from pivot to tip.
  • Polymer Lining In Pivot Point: Eliminates any metal-on-metal grinding extending the life of the shear.
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Handle Design: Classic Series


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Streamline Series Shear 5.5"

Streamline Series Shear 5.5

Streamline Series Shear 6.25"

Streamline Series Shear 6.25

Streamline Series Shear 6.75"

Streamline Series Shear 6.75

Product Details

Lightweight, Tailored Design

Do most shears feel too heavy or too big for your hand? Do you find yourself using several plastic inserts to make the finger holes fit properly?

If so, you will love the light, trim design of our Streamline Series Shears! The shorter handle, thinner blades and smaller finger holes are perfect for stylists who have small hands or prefer a more fitted feel. This ultra-lightweight shear is comfortable to hold on even your longest workdays.

All-Day Comfort and Control

Experience an incredible range of motion in your hand, thanks to the highly sculpted handle and finger holes. Use a variety of cutting positions to place the blades exactly where you want them without straining your wrist.

Your Go-To Shear

Slender, contoured blades and a forward-set crane handle give you incredible control on every cut. The 6.25” shear is a true workhorse in your collection, long enough for deep point cutting and delicate enough for detail work. Use this shear for all hair types, including thick or coarse hair. The blades glide smoothly through hair with zero drag or pull.