While at shows and on the road many of you ask Sam how he holds his professional shear and comb in one hand while cutting hair. This trick will take some practice but when you master the technique, it will ensure the comb is always out of your way while cutting hair.

The easiest way to learn how to twirl your comb while holding your shear is by watching the video above. Make sure you watch before you read below.

Comb-Twirl-1 Using your Sam Villa Long Cutting Comb, we use the wide teeth to part and the fine teeth to comb through the hair. Let's begin by learning how to twirl the comb before adding the shear.

Comb-Twirl-2 After you master the twirling of the comb let me demonstrate how to hold the comb. The concept here is to hold the comb in-between your ring finger, middle finger and index finger. Twirl the comb and get the feel for this concept.

Comb-Twirl-3 Now let's add in the shear (Sam is using the Sam Villa Signature Series 7" Dry Cutting Shear). Palm your shear while combing though the hair, then twirl the comb and place it in-between your fingers.


Comb-Twirl-6 If you can't hold the comb and shear in one hand, lets try an alternative approach. To get the comb out of the way, place the tip of the comb into the pocket of your thumb and index finger, float the comb up above and this places the comb up and out of your way.

Remember to allow the ring finger to open up to hold the comb in place. This trick might take a few tries to get the hang of but once you have it down you will be twirling your comb like a pro.

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