communication ( noun ): the meaningful exchange of information between two or more participants

Primal Communication vs. Social Communication

The social communication between you and your guest: How was your vacation, how is your family?

The primal communication between you and your guest: Allow me to explain and show you how I am going to cut your hair today.

In primal communication, YOU are in control.
In social communication, you are NOT in control.

When your guest with a side sweeping fringe and/or deep side part comes in for her appointment and tells you that you cut one side sorter than the other on the last visit, how do you deal? There would not be any discussion if the why and the how had been communicated prior to the cut.

The set up is such an important piece of the consultation as the guest only knows what the guest knowsread it againthe guest only knows what the guest knows.

It is very common for the guest to believe one side is shorter because she went home, looked in the mirror, picked up a piece of hair from the lower side of her part and then a piece from the high side – the hair only seemed shorter on the high side to her – she did not know why.

It is our job, our responsibility to be primal behind the chair – Sam has been telling us for a while now that we need to take back the chair and communication is the key to stay in control.

Watch the above video as Sam explains his take on communication along with a short and sweet technique for softening the ends of the crown layers and over directing the fringe area. The end result is a soft sweeping fringe that compliments the side part.

You will need your professional blending shear along with a professional wet cutting shear for this simple and fast technique.

Communicate The "Why"

As you lift the crown section of the head and elevate at 90 degrees ask the guest to watch what happens when you cut that section – make her aware that the hair is even and square. Then sweep the crown over to one side and show her that the hair on the lower side of her part will only seem to be longer than the hair that sits on the high side of the part. Explain that due to the roundness of the head it is almost an illusion. Then bring the section together again at 90 degrees on top of the head to reassure the guest that the cut is even.

This simple communication not only keeps you in control but also keeps your guest from second-guessing you. The appointment is relaxing and meaningful, as the guest now knows the why behind what you are doing. And dont you think she will communicate her experience with her friends? This is working with a sense of enthusiasm. This is VALUE!

Watch this video and discover how to cut a fringe that is long on the sides and shorter in the center with only one cut!