This is a great technique - especially when you're working with men or women that wear their hair short around the ear.

In the past when I would cut around the ear I used to elevate the hair above the ear, hold it in my hand and then cut. When I was finished, the hair would appear very choppy plus I usually cut it way too short. My lesson: stop chasing the hair! When we use the shear to cut around the ear, we end up chasing the hair very frustrating, as we have to hold the ear down and cut the hair around it over and over again. I've since discovered a technique that makes cutting around the ear effortless, giving me the results I was always trying for.

My tools of choice for this technique:

Now for the technique:

  • Again, working with the wide teeth, place the comb into the hair toward the ear.
  • Now, use the comb to fold the ear down.
  • As the comb captures the hair come in behind the comb with the deep part of your professional shear - near the pivot point - and tap-tap-tap the shear to carve out the hair above the ear.
  • Move your comb and rotate your shear as you go until you cut all of the hair around the ear.

Hot Tip: Get your client involved in the action! Have your guest hold their ear down while you do this technique to remove the fear and create that perfect line around the ear.

Tags: Layering