How many times have you heard I want hair hair cut short in the back and long in the front? You´re thinking, I've got this, no problem.

Would you like to learn a new technique for this one that is so simple you will be thinking you should have had a V-8? Of course you want to know how to save time and that´s just what Sam wants for you!

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Learning new techniques to save time is a gift of value to yourself and the client it gives you more time to teach your client the styling process and the products she will need for maintaining her look on her own.

This simple, time saving technique is not done without taking the clients features into consideration. Keep balance in mind just how short can you take the back and how long do you need to keep the length in front for balance? Do you want to accentuate or camouflage facial features?

In this video you are going to see Sam compress the sides and front sections into one. Check out how a simple rotation of the cutting comb allows you to stay on point. Your end result is a steep angle from the shorter back corner all the way to the front.

Do you remember this principle statement from either school or a mentor "the farther the hair travels, the longer the length." Nothing has changed, it will always be relevant, so throw intimidation out the door and “just cut the darn thing!"

If you liked this cutting technique be sure to watch this video and discover how to cut an asymmetrical bob without cutting a diagonal line!