What you're about to watch is a quick and easy way to bevel a fringe without using a blow dryer and brush. The end result creates a perfect curved fringe without leaving any marks in the hair from your iron!

Put down your blow dryer and pick up your lat iron and a comb to bevel fringe - it's fast, it's simple and anyone can do it.

Recommended Tools For This Technique

    • Flat Iron (we recommend the Sam Villa Sleekr® flat iron because of the rounded plates and curved body design. This acts like a curling iron and helps to create the perfect beveled fringe).
    • A heat resistant short or long comb (use a comb that has wide teeth on one end and tight teeth spacing on the other so you can achieve the proper tension when working with a flat iron) .

How To Bevel Your Fringe - Step by Step

  1. Pick up a fringe section and place in the teeth of a fine tooth comb.
  2. Horizontally place you straightening iron around the section at the base and slowly rotate the iron down and under without closing. Since the iron is round, the heated hair takes on the beveled shape.

The trick is to never actually close the iron. When you close the iron you can get a crease, but the heat from the open iron is enough to alter the bonds and allow reformation.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation and give this a try in the salon. If you need a flat iron that will also perform curling tricks, be sure to check out our Sleekr iron® today!